Know How

At your side, making your assets work.

We provide informed and objective knowledge of the environment which will impact on your assets. Legal, fiscal, financial, real estate intelligence…

Our commitment to support you, our analyses and the personalised tactics springing from these guarantee, in the long term, perfect consistency with your asset strategy.

At each stage of our action we are there to support you: from coming up with a project, to planning its implementation, then implementing it and providing long term support.
Private management, property management, fiscal management...



Fiscal optimisation

Income tax, wealth tax and general tax issues are at the heart of our specialisation. We put our skills and network to work to provide you with the best solutions, paying special attention to the selection of operators.


Private Management

Private Management offers an exhaustive and innovative range of services.

Our speciality is organising and managing your financial assets in your best interests.

We can invest on your behalf in the very tangible economy by financing innovative SME with excellent prospects.

We have also selected a wide range of Share or Bond hedge funds as well as products structured to ensure the diversity of your investments.

To accommodate these products we provide you with access to life insurance contracts selected for the diversity and quality of their support, while combining cost control and the responsiveness of their administrative services. These contracts may be under French or Luxembourg law, to meet the requirements (situations) of everyone.

Real estate

H. Tax Planners supports you in the development of your real estate assets via an approach structured to suit your professional status.

We participate in the definition of your expectations and goals, first carrying out an exhaustive analysis of your real estate situation.

Precise specifications may thus be drawn up within the context of an instruction to search for a property asset.

We favour the search for personalised investments in all property assets: old/ new build, commercial/habitation, income from land/ BIC (industrial and commercial profits), full ownership/ usufruct and bare ownership.

On a more one-off basis, we can offer a range of selective and opportunistic products, always associated with an asset optimisation strategy.