The fundamentals

Together, let’s guarantee the future.


The history of assets is not written in stone - quite the contrary; your situation is unique and has its own growth drivers. We can help you make the most of your situation.


By providing for the worst it doesn’t mean it will happen. With a sensible forward looking strategy we can help you prepare for the future.



Our approach

Getting to know you

Asset management requires above all a relationship of trust between clients and their advisors.

Our relationship is necessarily a long term one. Month after month, H. Tax Planners is there to support you and get to know you through regular meetings.

Your asset balance

The success of our assistance depends largely on the quantity and quality of the data we can collect when you draw up an asset balance sheet.

The Financial Consultancy process

To stand out from the competition and offer its clients greater security, H. Tax Planners has taken the decision to have itself audited, in order to gain status as a Consultant in Financial Investments (CIF in its French initials).

Our entire customer relationship is therefore based on the CIF methodology.

We intervene in accordance with a mission statement which clearly defines our field of intervention as well as our billing. We find out about your assets and goals from your asset balance sheet. Your different requirements (financial, fiscal or property) are precisely formalised in a search instruction.

We provide you with access to all our financial and professional guarantees, our CNIL declarations or any other regulatory documents showing our commitment to respecting the law.